You will be surprised how friendly people are in other countries. And when they hear that you work remotely, and get to travel all over, they will be enthralled and want to grab a beer and hear your story. A good way to get this started is search to find events and groups that match your interest. We love volleyball so we always check to see if there are pickup games. Activities might include team dinners, after-work happy hours, or team building activities. When you’re in the workplace, make the effort to invite people for lunch or a morning coffee.

  • If you live in the same area as a co-worker, you can hang out with them — safely and socially distanced, if need be — even if you both work at home.
  • Still, most of us spend more time at work than anywhere else; enjoying it matters for your overall well being.
  • 65% of Americans have had a friendship with someone significantly older at work.
  • From playing music, cooking, book clubs, crocheting and dance classes, we live in a world where hobbyists often get together to do the things they love.

Tell them what you do and let them know that you’re always interested in meeting new people. We all know that one of the best ways to meet new people is to switch up the landscape.

Virtual Employment Trends: Q3 2022 Remote Job Reports

At work, many people spent more time with colleagues than with their own families. Especially in the beginning of a career, a job was often the place where people forged real adult friendships. You may have met your spouse at the office and found lifelong mentors. Six months into the pandemic, it’s clear that virtual offices and classrooms have become the “new normal” for many of us — at least for the foreseeable future.

Making Friends If You Work Remotely

And if you’re like many people, work also leads to some of the most important personal relationships in your life. Managers and employees may also worry that building friendships won’t allow them to give negative feedback or hold someone accountable if they make a mistake, says Gallaher. Having friends at work is a game changer, but it can be tricky to form connections when you’re not sharing the same physical space. Likewise, search for local events or organizations where you can participate or attend with like-minded individuals. You might meet another individual or group of nomads who are in the same city for a while, and you can make additional plans or join in on what they’re doing.


The Covid-19 crisis has forced masses of people into work-from-home scenarios and just about every university student into a study-from-home experiment. If the answer was “no” to any of the above, we noticed that people only interacted when they were required to for work-related reasons. The biggest reason people hesitate making friends at work is because they’re afraid the relationship will cross boundaries, especially managers. Be OK with making small talk wherever you go because the world is big and there are a lot of awesome people in it. It’s OK to walk away from people who make you uncomfortable or don’t get you. We’ve worked remotely while camping—campgrounds are FULL of friendly people with interesting lives.

Jacob Ma wasn’t going to let the fact that his new job kept him at home all day stop him from making new friends. If people don’t respond to your efforts, don’t jump to conclusions. Maybe they’re overwhelmed with work and have no time for “the new guy” right now. Or they might have other issues, like a difficult history with your department or predecessor.

How To Keep A Work Friend As A Real Friend

Some book clubs may operate on a bigger scale but ours was just four of us meeting monthly in a coffee shop. We were all women of a similar age who, aside from April, I wouldn’t have met otherwise. I also realised that discussing books is a great way to assess someone’s attitudes and values – always useful when making quality friendships. When I moved to Porto, I lived in a co-living space for the first month. This is where a bunch of mid-term travellers share a space. Usually, other guests are remote workers so there’s strong Wi-Fi and a workspace. When answering the question how do I meet friends in a new city?

  • Already being into the same hobby or activity means you’ll have common ground to kick off conversations with strangers that may lead to friendship.
  • For some, an entirely remote job can be devastatingly isolating, and sadly, there’s no clear return to work in sight.
  • I also started a job during the pandemic, and the first steps were hard, but I’m glad to say I’ve made more friends in a year here than I could have ever imagined.
  • Whatever your situation is, there are bound to be colleagues who share some of your interests and your desire for personal connection.

Ask your existing friends if they know anyone in the city you’re moving to. Even if your cousin has an ex-colleague who lives there, you might glean some tips or even meet up. It’s easy to meet people as a traveller thanks to hostels, tours and bar crawls. Before moving to Mexico, I’d been solo travelling and working remotely for 18 months already, spending anywhere between a few days and a few months in a new place. Life was good but I was getting tired of transient connections.

You may find a lead for your next work gig or your new best remote work friend.

Remote Work Can Feel Isolating For New Employees, But Many Younger Workers Turned Digital Hangouts And Zoom Calls Into Real

To overcome this barrier, they had to establish what we termed cadence. Remote workers feel like they have cadence with a coworker when they understand who that person is and can predict how they will interact with them. When we don’t have cadence with our coworkers, we might find it difficult to get in contact with them or find it frustrating to interact with them when we do.

  • But if you’re the new guy or gal on staff, a remote workplace might seem challenging at first.
  • Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration, and your story may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.
  • Organize work sprints.While some people thrive in isolation, others need to feel like they are not alone to perform at their best.
  • Would love tips, advice, and anecdotal experiences in navigating how to turn small talk into a friendship.
  • We only get one chance at life so I’m keen to have all the experiences possible.

Scheduling an informal chat is great, but this chat needs to be repeated for a friendship to develop. The best way to do this is to put a standing meeting on your calendar, perhaps once a week or once a month, depending on preference. Follow these tips and you’ll have time to make more friends and find dates working remotely than you ever did working the 9 to 5 cubicle grind. You’ll not only have the chance to give back to your community, but you’ll also develop different skills and friendships from your experiences. There’s always a steady stream of virtual employees going in and out of coworking spaces so you’re guaranteed to have interesting conversations if you put yourself out there.

Of Americans Say Having A Friend At Work Makes Them Happier

I was feeling tired and not in the mood to meet brand new people. But I pushed myself and was glad I did because it led to many future meetups. Start an activity like join the local running club, a book club, pick up a new skill like learning a new language at a language school or smth based on your interest.

We have a guide to connecting with people with practical examples and another article that walks you through the “making friends” process. If you find that it’s hard for you to trust people, read our article on building trust in friendships and dealing with trust issues. We found that remote workers often experienced virtuality as “a barrier” to forming friendships with their colleagues.

Our results also revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic had a heavy impact on workplace friendships. 48% of our respondents have fewer work friends than before the pandemic started, and 33% report feeling lonelier at work than before the pandemic. With local events being led by passionate hobbyists, it’s worth thinking about your own hobbies, too. A shared enthusiasm is bound to make connecting to new people that little bit easier.

Making Friends If You Work Remotely

That may seem obvious, but as a person who knows that I have several colleagues in my area that I’ve never met, I know that it’s not. And yet I couldn’t help but find some of this advice a bit frustrating. By finding a way to bring a little sunshine to your colleagues, you’re also helping yourself to feel more connected to the people you work with. As long as social distancing continues to affect workplaces, that will be an important way for you to feel good about your job. And many people may find themselves working from home long after the pandemic is over. So, developing ways to make friends while working remotely is likely to be a skill you will continue to need. He first put together virtual social events, like online happy hours and scavenger hunts, and, starting in late March, added in-person meetups at safe outdoor venues in the Seattle metro area.

I would only make friends with people in the offices or sites I’m visiting. Speak to your new teammates to learn more about the kinds of events your organization holds, and which ones would be the most useful or interesting for you to attend. There might be educational talks, training events, or regular staff parties. If you love a social occasion, you could look into joining an events-planning committee, which will keep you busy and introduce you to lots more people. What better way to forge meaningful and lasting relationships than when you’re painting a mural, mentoring local school children, or working in an animal shelter? Speak to your manager or do some research to find out what charitable work your organization is committed to and how you can get involved. An ERG is an employee-led, voluntary society designed to connect and support a group of workers who share a particular characteristic, such as ethnicity, gender, race, or sexuality.

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A paradox of the work-from-home environment is that you don’t have much social downtime. You may take some time off during the day, but chances are you are taking a walk, reading a book, how to make friends when you work from home surfing social media, or otherwise doing something alone. You might have a chat with a colleague by the coffee maker, eat lunch with a teammate, or take a walk together on a break.

Attend Internal Networking Events

Sure, many of us enjoy working in the comfort of our own living rooms — but to make friends, it’s going to help if you put yourself out there. Remote work has allowed us to roll out of bed and wear yoga pants all day, it has taken away one of the few environments to easily make friends. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. You don’t have to be best friends with everyone, but ideally you’re generous with your resources and expertise to help those around you succeed and in turn you will be successful as well. Open yourself to the endless possibilities of the people you meet—because you have no idea where they might lead you.